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Solutions for Sinking Concrete In Central Virginia

When customers call on us to help with a sinking concrete situation, we work from the foundation of integrity and take each call as an individual opportunity to help a family, individual, or business with a concrete issue. Xcel Concrete Leveling will be honest and forthcoming with each project and educate the homeowner or business owner on the processes and procedures, and products being used.

Xcel Concrete Leveling uses the best products and is educated to provide the needed and wanted results in lifting sinking concrete patios, driveway aprons, stairs, AC unit pads, and filling in voids created by soil erosion.

The structural foam we use provides an exceptional DOT grade solution for these types of situations. High-strength, hydro-insensitive structural polyurethane foam is perfect for densifying soil and lifting concrete slabs.

Our process is pretty simple; we arrive at the location and walk through the project with the homeowners/business owner. Xcel Concrete Leveling will look at all different angles of the project, look for possible issues and areas where possible blowout from under the slab during the injection process, and handle it. From there, it is straightforward and pretty fast-moving; we determine where we will drill injection holes (to ensure that we are lifting the concrete to 1/8 inch of level) insert a probe to check the depth of the void and the stability of the ground. Xcel Concrete Leveling takes precautions and notes of the void's depth before hitting hard, stable ground.

It's our job to keep your home safe, and if we feel that the void is greater than what our product can handle, we will not move forward. We do not risk or compromise your home's safety. That is our job; Xcel Concrete Leveling knows what is needed to get your job done and work with our strict company ethics. You hire us to solve a sinking concrete issue, not create more issues.

Call Us Today 434-515-2151 to discuss your concrete sinking or settling project, or tell us about your project through our online form.

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