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Concrete Leveling, Lifting & Stabilization in Central Virginia and Surrounding Areas

The process that we use is called Polyjacking which is similar to Mudjacking. 

Polyjacking is the process of using polyurethane foam that fills the voids under the concrete, the polyurethane expands to its potential in turn raising the concrete to its desired position. 

The polyurethane foam is moisture and decay resistant, made from recycled material which allows it to be environmentally friendly. 

With polyurethane foam, the density of the product will never reduce or shrink, it will remain at the same density as when it was installed/injected. 

Polyjacking is a much lighter product than mudjacking (concrete injection) which allows for better soil stabilization, and less compromise of the underlying ground. 

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The best part about the polyurethane foam - polyjacking is that you do not have to remove and replace the concrete. Our process only requires us to use a small hole (5/8" hole) drilled through the concrete, where we use our equipment to inject the polyurethane foam through a tube. The foam will then fill the void and flow under the concrete to fill the voids. 

With our experience and knowledge of the polyurethane product, Xcel Concrete Leveling  knows how much foam is needed to raise the concrete to level. Final step is to patch the drilled holes. 

Polyjacking is not a lighter product for the ground but also for your wallet. The cost the raise sinking or settled concrete is less expensive than fixing/replacing your concrete. 

The life expectancy of concrete has high expectations, and those expectations can be cut short when voids appear providing an opportunity for the concrete to fail, fall, and sink. As with many items in and around your home, it requires maintenance and routine checks. There are many red flags that may present warning signs that you have voids under your concrete.

We can level, raise and lift most:

  • Uneven concrete sidewalks

  • Sunken concrete pool decks

  • Sagging concrete patios

  • Settling concrete steps / stairs

  • Sinking concrete garage aprons

  • Dipping concrete driveways

  • Solve for voids under patios, driveways, walkways

xcel concrete leveling 434-515-2151

Services that we offer include: 

CONCRETE LEVELING Sidewalk, driveway, pool deck, ac unit pad/slab sinking? Our polyjacking system lifts sinking and settling concrete back to a level state.

VOID FILLING: When ground erosion happens, gaps create holes and voids underneath the concrete (driveway, patio, steps, sidewalks, pool decks, etc.) through Xcel's Concrete Leveling services we can fill those voids and fix the problem in a time-efficient manner.

SOIL STABILIZATION: Our polyurethane with its low viscosity makes a perfect pairing to immobilize water migration that could be causing the soil to become eroded.

xcel concrete leveling 434-515-2151
xcel concrete leveling 434-515-2151
xcel concrete leveling 434-515-2151
xcel concrete leveling 434-515-2151