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Concrete Lifting, Leveling & Stabilization

Xcel Concrete Leveling is your choice for concrete improvement and stabilization

With over 15 years of polyurethane foam experience, we guide you through options to fix, repair, level, and stabilize your concrete. Sinking concrete can cause injuries and accidents with unlevel sidewalks, pool decks, driveways, and steps.


We will provide you with our professional and knowledgeable observation, to provide you with options, and walk you through the steps of our Poly-jacking procedure.  

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The sinking concrete apron creating a large height difference the homeowner could not drive a motorcycle into the garage. Not only a trip hazard but a safety hazard.  Xcel Concrete Leveling raised the concrete slab and stabilized with poly-jacking process and eliminating the hazard creating a safe transition. 


AC Pads


AC Unit Pad settling creating a pressure issue with the stone on the home. Xcel Concrete Leveling raised the concrete slab and stabilized with poly-jacking process




The void under the patio caused by water erosion and loose soil being washed away. The slab had to be stabilized so it would not break. In this example, the patio slab was stabilized and the void filled producing a solid-state to sit on. 

Xcel Concrete Leveling is a company you can trust for concrete leveling needs.

A trusted company with knowledge of polyurethane products & process and construction knowledge. The owner, James Kuhn, has over 15 years of polyurethane experience and construction knowledge. A huge benefit to homeowners and businesses because we will tell you if we can not safely fix or level your concrete. We have a straightforward approach and will share with you what we think, and educate you on the options for your situation.


We are here to help you with the Overall situation

Helping homeowners and businesses to find the right, stable solution to sinking concrete issues. Call us today to schedule your free estimate for concrete lifting, leveling and stabilization.