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Concrete LIFTING and STABILIZATION in Central Virginia

Get Leveled With Xcel Concrete and Leveling

Xcel Concrete Leveling is your Poly-jacking (Polyurethane Foam) Experts. Delivering accurate results, quick curing time, and affordability.  


Sinking driveway slabs and garage aprons, make it hard to get into your garage safely.

We can help you, call us to schedule your free estimate.


AC Unit Pad

Have the heavy rains washed a void under your patio or AC Unit pad?  Have you noticed your patio or AC Unit pad is compromising your siding on your house?


Pool Decks

Raising and sinking sidewalks can create trip hazards, resulting in a dangerous situation for the elderly, children, and pets.  We can help you, call or send us your quote request. 


An investment that lasts for years with proper maintenance, care, and repair. 

Why Choose Us

  • Honest & High Level of Integrity

  • No Hidden Gimmicks

  • Educated on Products  & Techniques

  • Inform Clients of Products, Process, & Services

  • Ability to Judge Cause & Effect

  • 15+ Years Polyurethane Foam Experience

  • Trusted Concrete Leveling Specialist

Why Choose Poly-Jacking Technique

Poly-jacking (Polyurethane Foam) Injection Process Has The Ability To 

  • Lift & Level Sidewalks

  • Lift & Level Pool Decks

  • Lift & Level Patios

  • Lift &  Level Steps

  • Lift Settled Slabs

  • Stabilize, Lift, & Level Driveways & Garage Aprons

  • Help Stop Soil Erosion (Filling voids and small sinkholes)

  • Weighs Less Than Injected Concrete - Giving Better Soil Stabilization & Underlying Ground is Less Compromised

Tired of your sunken and uneven concrete? 


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Concrete Lifting and Stabilization Information

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